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Just 2 Solar Collectors Can Generate 100% of your Hot Water Needs

The Solamics solar collector panels are different from a conventional Solar PV panels. A conventional solar panel works only from direct sunlight, and is used for generating electricity. The Solamics Solar Collector transfers energy from all elements - air temperature, wind, rain, sunshine and even snow!, and therefore works efficiently anytime - day or night. The Solamics solar collector panels are used to transfer energy from all the Free External Natural Elements energy to an ozone friendly refrigerant which flows through them. As this refrigerant will BOIL at just -26°C the U.K. climate will always heat it up - Day or Night, rain or shine!

The Solamics solar collector panels are different from a conventional Solar panels for electricity, or solar thermal panels used for solar heating. A conventional solar panel works only from direct sunlight, and is used for generating electricity. A solar thermal panel works only from direct sunlight, and is used for solar thermal heating for hot water. The large surface area achieved from having two solar collector panels per installation gives greater ability to transfer the Free Natural Energy from all the external weather conditions to always heat the refrigerant.

The Solamics solar collector panels are also different from traditional Solar Thermal system which use evacuated tubes of Flat Plate panels to generate solar heating of hot water. Solar panels and solar thermal systems can only generate power in direct sunlight, which is why in the U.K. they have very low efficiency for most of the year. The solar collector panels of the Bunsen Air benefit from the effect of every natural element of the U.K. and not only direct sunlight. The Solamics solar collector panels are made from aluminium making them very tough and durable, whereas solar pv panels and solar thermal tubes are primarily made from glass, and therefore risk damage or breakage.

So all the opportunities are present for maximum energy transfer over the large surface area of the solar collector panels to the refrigerant in order to benefit from the abundant FREE energy from the external U.K climate.

The Solamics Solar Collector panels are very robust, with no maintenance requirements. The solar collector panels have no moving parts and once securely installed can only be damaged by extreme impact which is highly unlikely.

The Solamics Solar Collectors have exceptional performance in the U.K climate:

Tough and Durable -

The Solamics solar collector panels are aluminium panels. There is no glass and no fragile components, making them extremely tough and durable. There are no moving parts on the solar panels, and so no components which can fail.

Patented (Pending) Flow Design -

The design of the external solar panels for the Bunsen Air unit is essential for the efficient energy transfer of the system. The flow patterns are essential to ensure the refrigerant circulates throughout the full surface area of the panels, as well as travelling in a flow which creates minimal resistance to the system.

Patented (Pending) Dual Exhaust Pipe Design -

The patented (pending) Dual Exhaust technology is a new method of allowing panel efficiency to increase up to 30% above those with a standard 'one pipe in and one pipe out' arrangement. Quite simply it hugely improves the flow of the refrigerant away from the panel as it becomes a hot gas, significantly increasing the efficiency of the heat transfer back to your hot water.

High Spec Design -

The Bunsen Air solar panels are designed to withstand extremely high pressures. They are fully tested to work with refrigerant which operate at the highest pressure rates - significantly higher than is required for the R134a refrigeration requirements of the Bunsen Air unit. This is important as this shows the over engineering of the panel strength to ensure performance for many years to come.

Lightweight Panels -

The Bunsen Air solar panels are very lightweight - just 7kg - which makes installation simple, and removes and stress on roofs or walls where they are mounted. However being lightweight, they need solid fixing to avoid any movement or flexing. Subsequently the solar collector panels are designed with six fixing points for installation to lock the panels into place securely no matter what the forces of nature exerted upon them.

Specialist Coating -

A specialist coating is applies on the solar panels to maximise the solar heat transfer, and minimise frosting on the panels as the energy is transferred from the solar collector panels to the refrigerant which passes through them.

Left and Right Panel Options -

The Solamics solar collector panels are supplied with a left and right fitting option. This assists with keeping refrigerant pipe runs of equal distance, keeping the pipe runs shorter, and makes the installation process much simpler and neater for the installer.

Flexible Mounting Options -

The flexible option of the Solamics solar panels allows a range of installation options, making the appearance and location of the panels better looking and much more efficient. The solar panel mounting options allow the solar panels to be mounted as two single panels either in landscape or portrait - where there is sufficient space - or as a dual panel where space is prohibitive. In addition to the fixed mountings, Solamics have an A Frame which can be used for flat roof, ground or vertical wall mounting options.

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