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new solar heating technology

Bunsen Air solar assisted heat pump

Solamics Technology Ltd. introduces a new solar heating technology which allows hot water heating from the free energy in the atmosphere. Many years of research and development into the best heat pumps, new solar technology and systems of solar heating has developed the Bunsen Air solar assisted heat pump. This renewable hot water heating system transfers the abundant energy in the atmosphere using 2 externally mounted solar collector panels, to heat the water in your domestic hot water cylinder. The Bunsen Air system can comfortably produce 100% of any domestic hot water requirements.

benefits of solar heating

solar heating

What are the benefits

The Bunsen Air is a low energy system, using only the required electricity to run a small pump and a compressor, and accordingly is extremely cheap to run, as all the energy from the atmosphere is free! Specifically developed for the U.K. climate this technology is not dependent on direct sunlight, unlike most types of solar heating. Instead energy is transferred from even the coldest weather, and works day and night – the perfect solution for the U.K. climate.

The Bunsen Air

More benefits

The Bunsen Air can be simply retrofit to any existing hot water cylinder, or be installed with a new one, turning the hot water cylinder into a solar system which can generate 100% of a households hot water requirements.

  • Day & night efficiency
  • Increase your property value
  • Move away from fossil fuels
  • Automatic reheat controls
  • Simple retro-fit to existing cylinder
  • Protect from increasing energy bills

How Does it work?

Just 2 Solar Collectors Can Generate 100% of your Hot Water Needs

how bunsen air works


  • Refrigerant boils at -26°C
  • The refirgerant leaves the Bunsen as a liquid, then passes through the panels absorbing FREE energy from air temperature, wind, rain, snow or sun.
  • The refrigerant heats to a gas, this 'super heated vapour' flows back to the Bunsen Air and is compressed back to a liquid.
  • The heat is then transformed to your hot water.


  • The Bunsen Air is added to your hot water cylinder
  • The Bunsen is set at 55°C and automatically switches on and off if it detects a 6°C drop in tmeperature
  • The water circulates to collect all the heat from the refrigerant
  • The Bunsen unit automatically switches off once it reaches 55°C

Bunsen Air Specifics

Solar Collector Panels

The tough and robust aluminium solar collectives have patented flow design and patented dual exhaust technology. The flow design is essential in ensuring that as the refrigerant heats and changes from liquid to a gas, the entire area of the panel is used to absorb the energy from the atmosphere. The patented dual exhaust technology increases the panels efficiency by up to 30% in testing to allow efficient flow away from the solar collectors.

Bunsen Air Heat Pump

The Bunsen Air Heat pump unit has been designed for the UK climate. The large compressor and electronic valve system ensure optimum performance through each working cycle. Much of the design has been to simplify the internal set up while increasing power and reheating speeds. The unit is highly soundproofed for minimum operating noise.

bunsen solar panels

Advanced Controller

This simple controller unit gives the option of a fully automated system, which will simply reheat to target as soon as a 5c drop in cylinder temperature occurs. Alternatively, advanced options are available to dictate when the system does or does not run, and to select different target temperatures. So, you maximise daytime operation when the weather is warmer to get the highest return, and stop any early hour operating if you prefer absolute silence while you sleep. Automatic defrost functions ensure the unit functions when outside temperatures drop below freezing, and automatic weekly anti legionella heating will protect your water source according to legislation.

Research and Development

The Bunsen air system has benefited from over 12 years of intense R&D in the development of solar assisted heat pump technology. The extensive testing of every part and component over a wide range of temperatures has all been targeted to developing a system which will comfortably perform in the UK climate. Each component of the Bunsen Air unit, the solar collectors, and all the accessories used to install the system has always been based on maximum quality and performance levels. Research and development is ongoing constantly to support and develop the products.